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Top 5 Health Benefits of surfing by Ann Hawkins

Top 5 Health Benefits of surfing by Ann Hawkins


What’s better way than relaxing on the beach, basking in the sun and enjoying some great fun activities for recreation! Even better, if these fun activities along with some tremendous health benefits. One such amazing water fun activity as well as sport is surfing.


The number of surfers have been steadily increasing everywhere. There are about 23 million surfers worldwide and about 17,36,000 surfers in U.S alone, as per Statistic Brain.


Surfing is a great water sport. All you have to do is- hop on your surfboard, learn some know-hows and indulge in this amazing water sport. Let us look at some amazing health benefits that it offers along with the fun.


  1. Surfing helps in boosting the cardiovascular health:


Surfing regularly has been proven to reduce the risk from suffering or dying from heart-related problems. Surfing is an activity that requires the body to be physically active.


Surfing increases the heart rate and supplies oxygen into your blood for the proper functioning of the muscles. It helps in easy breathing and gives us the ability to undertake any type of strenuous activities. It also helps in pushing our body to perform more without having a negative impact on health.


  1. Surfing helps in reducing stress:


What could be a better way to soothe our body and mind than to go for surfing. It gives us the opportunity to push our body limits and have some fun in the open water. Surf your brains out and sit back to enjoy the scenic aquatic beauty.


With the influence of social media in our lives, it’s difficult to cope up with the glumness from the Facebook blues. So, if you want to distract yourself a little from this life, surfing can always help you out.


  1. Surfing helps in improving flexibility:


Flexibility as a goal is admirable. Daily commitment to stretching and freeing up the body has wide-ranging benefits, extending well beyond the riding of waves.


During surfing our bodies twist and turn in different due to the force of the waves. This stretching keeps your body flexible and improves your body’s mobility and body balance.


  1. Surfing helps in toning the muscles:


Surfing requires continuous using of arms, shoulders and core as you paddle around. This is also a great way to workout for your chest, back and shoulder muscles.


Surfing also helps to build up good core muscles and boosting leg strength. Surfing on a regular basis can change our body shape drastically. It also helps in maintaining the body weight and improve the coordination in the body.


  1. Surfing helps to be motivated:


Surfing is not a very easy sport to learn. It takes a lot of time, commitment, regularity and confidence in order to progress. But gradually, as you start your training, learn new techniques, it becomes easier for you and you start gaining some confidence.


Apart from all its physical and mental benefits, you feel a sense of accomplishment and motivation to do more of the sport everyday.







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