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Injury Management & Rehab

Life is too short to be held back by injuries. When you have an injury you want to make sure you get the best possible care. Our highly experienced team of Physiotherapist’s are experts at accurately diagnosing injuries, aided by the latest cutting edge technology.

Using our unique Relieve, Restore, Perform model our team will use a variety of expert ‘hands on’ manual therapy skills to help relieve your pain. Once your pain is gone they will then undertake a thorough biomechanical assessment to discover the contributing factors that made you vunerable to injury.

For those that wish to progress into the perform phase this is the most exciting component. By removing the limitating factors holding your body back, strengthening the core and re-establishing optimal movement patterns, performance and function is enhanced. Many of our clients who progress from pain to performance say their injury was the best thing that ever happened to them as our model transformed their body and movement quality to at least 10 years ago.

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