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Our Philosophy = Pain to Performance

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As a client of Pottsville and Cabarita Physio you have access to our unique and leading pain to performance philosophy. During your recovery you
have access to a team of some of the best and brightest to quickly remove pain, then identify and remove the factors that caused the injury via
gold standard exercise programs. This reduces your chance of recurrence and improves performance in whatever you like to do.

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6000+ happy local customers. Why?

With over 10 years experience and 6000+ clients we know the four questions you want answered from your Physiotherapist

What is wrong with me?

All of our Physio’s are highly trained and are experts in injury diagnosis. What separates us is our use of cutting edge video movement analysis technology. When combined with clinical expertise this leads to precise diagnosis. Using animations your Physio will show you exactly what is wrong with you in language you can understand.

What can I (the patient) do for it?

We will provide you with thorough education on how to help to manage your injury with minimal impact to your life or sport. If necessary we have experience in working alongside coaches, employers and liaising with doctors and specialists.

How long will it take?

We have been in business for over 10 years and have listened to patient’s frustrations of ‘session to session’ Physiotherapy where you have no idea of the plan for recovery or end point of treatment.

At Pottsville Physiotherapy you will be provided with a treatment pathway. This is completely tailored to the individual. Some patients simply want the pain gone, others want us to guide them through their journey to better movement and health. It’s your choice. Your Physio will outline a treatment pathway to achieve your goals, giving you certainty over time frames and cost.

What can your Physio do for you?

Your roadmap to recovery will be a detailed outline of your plan of care including which treatment techniques we will be using to treat your injury. Knowing what to expect removes any anxiety for you, the patient. Our clinic has a definite ‘hands on’ policy, meaning during your appointment you will have dedicated individual hands on attention by some of the best hands in the business.