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Surf Performance

Our surf performance program came about after personally experiencing the frustration associated with injury hampered surf trips. When you have spent a lot of money and have limited time to get the most out of your trip you want to be able to perform at your best. You don’t want to have old injuries flaring up or create new ones from overloading weak areas.

Similarly, the days of ‘surfing for surf fitness’ are long gone. All of the worlds top surfers now do various cross training to improve strength, core stability, agility and quickness leading to enhanced performance. We utilize these same cutting edge exercises and programs to help everyone from weekend warriors to aspiring pro’s improve their surfing performance. It may well be that a weak area or faulty movement pattern is stopping you from surfing at your best.

Surfers that have been doing our surf performance classes say it feels like it has taken their bodies back in time at least 10 years. They feel stronger, fitter and more agile and most importantly are able to surf for longer!

All of our Physio’s and exercise physiologist’s are keen surfers themselves and are passionate about helping you get the most of our your daily surf or getting you ready for your dream surf trip.

What is involved in our surf performance program?

Surf performance assessment;

  • If you are new to our program or are carrying any niggling injury it is highly recommended you do a one on one assessment with one of our surfing physio’s. It is not a prerequisite to joining classes but highly recommended as it will pick up any tight/weak areas or faulty movement patterns affecting performance
  • You will be taken through a full biomechanical screening as well as video analysis of certain surf specific movement patterns
  • If there are significant weak/tight areas or a current injury you can fast track removing them via manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, dry needling or individual Clinical Pilates sessions
  • An individual plan involving a home strength and stretching program

Surf performance classes

  • These one hour circuit format classes have been designed by a Sports Physiotherapist
  • You will use Pilates equipment (Reformer/ trapeze), suspension training, exercise balls, BOSU and our Surfset boards
  • Every exercise is designed to engage your core and stabiliser muscles. They focus on multi-planar movements that engage the body and mind in challenging and surf specific ways
  • All classes are run by surfing Physiotherapist’s
  • It will not only help improve surf performance but keep those niggling injuries at bay