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Water – the basis of life!

Water is the basis of all life, in fact we can only survive for 3 days without water.

• We are made up of 75 % water: the brain is 80% water and the blood which transports all the nutrients around the body is 82% water

• This water gets rationed differently to various parts of the body with the brain getting absolute priority. The brain is 1/50th of your total body weight but receives 20% of the blood circulation.

• Our health is entirely dependent on the quality and quantity of water we drink

• If the water supply is running low the brain will cry out for help. What is the body’s warning signal? – PAIN!

• Water is essential for all the chemical reactions that occur in our body ALL OF THEM – nothing works properly if we don’t have enough water! Water is our primary source of energy, it is essential for life.


 Signs of dehydration include:

o Headache
o Pain
o inflammation
o Thirst
o Dry mouth
o Dry lips
o Tired
o Low energy
o Development of degenerative diseases…….


There are so many great ideas that can be used to infuse water.

How about trying  one of these? 


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