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Super Oxygen Therapy

SOT (Super Oxygen Therapy): LiveO2 elevates energy, health and performance with a simple 15 minute session.

What is it?

LiveO2 Advanced SOT uses Adaptive Contrast to switch between an oxygen rich and oxygen reduced air environment. This encourages maximum blood flow and oxygenation.

The technology allows you to instantly switch between oxygen concentrated air and oxygen depleted air. This allows you to get better results in less time.

The effects of training are a result of the combination of exertion and the switchable oxygen mixture. The exertion increases the natural processes that transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissue to increase the amount of oxygen in the cells. The results are the product of the physiological activation from the exercise and the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissue.

We offer 3 protocols:

  1. Detoxification / Whole body flush: This protocol flushes metabolic waste out of tissues, reduces inflammation, re-establishes oxygenation of problematic areas and boosts whole body oxygen saturation to facilitate healing and recovery.
  2. Performance: This is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) protocol that is performance focused and designed to give maximal improvement to aerobic capacity.  Intensity is key to this protocol and it should only be done once you are comfortable with the Whole Body Flush Protocol.
  3. Recover from respiratory Illness: Reduced oxygenation during a respiratory illness inhibits immunity, decreases energy and reduces healing. This protocol enhances oxygenation of the whole body and assists in return to full lung capacity.

With all our programs you will walk or run on the treadmill or cycle on the exercise bike as you breathe in oxygen. Normal air has an oxygen concentration of about 21%.  You will alternate breathing in high oxygen (80+%) and low oxygen air (15%)  Times vary depending on the protocol

The exercise gets the heart pumping, increases blood flow and drives oxygen deep into the capillaries and cells increasing levels of oxygen in both blood plasma and tissues.  The low oxygen drives the body to make more red blood cells (this is what carries the oxygen in the blood) and expand the vascular network allowing the oxygen to rush into the body when breathing in high concentrate air.

Switching between oxygen saturation and oxygen deprivation stimulates these amazing benefits:

  • Elevate energy / Recover from fatigue
  • Reduce brain fog
  • Enhance memory / brain health / mental clarity / and processing speed
  • Boost energy, vitality and cell voltage
  • Increase circulation / Reduce inflammation
  • Detoxification
  • Improve sleep
  • Faster recovery and healing
  • Fight illness
  • Optimise immunity
  • Increase performance
  • Expediate recovery
  • Assists Covid / Influenza recovery


  • Untreated pneumothorax
  • Recent acute cardiac event
  • Unstable cardiovascular disease
  • Acute systemic infection

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