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Work Out Excuses

Be stronger than your excuses. Imagine yourself in 6 months from now...

Here are some of the more common workout excuses we hear and what to do about them

  1. No time: we all have the same hours in the day so how do some people (even the busy ones) find time to exercise and others don’t – the answer lies in what you prioritise.  Do you waste  time on social media, watching TV or surfing the net?  You don’t need to allocate massive blocks of time just 20 minutes will do.  Exercise must become a non negotiable entry in your diary preferable every day but at least a few times each week. We always have time for what we WANT to do.
  2. I am too tired: often people feel more energised after exercise  due to the release of endorphins and increased circulation so sometimes it is worth just getting started, tell yourself you will just do 5 minutes then see how you are feeling, most of the time you will keep going and feel great afterward.  You may also need to look at your sleeping patterns and go to bed earlier if you are planning to exercise early in the morning.  If you feel you are chronically tired (all the time) you may need to speak to your GP and get some blood tests – if this is you start with restorative exercise like gentle Yoga, Pilates or Walking.
  3. The weather isn’t suitable: if you are an outdoor exerciser find an indoor option for bad weather days: skipping, dancing, stream a yoga class, or do a few bodyweight exercises like push ups, squats and lunges.
  4. It’s too hard: working hard does get results but it is a good idea  to start gently and gradually build up the intensity as your body strengthens, find a qualified coach in your chosen area to help you work at the correct level.
  5. I forgot my gym gear / togs / sneakers....: organisation is key, pack your exercise gear the night before or have a spare set in the car just in case.
  6. I can’t escape the kids: so exercise with them: a walk to the park, jump on the trampoline, dancing, skating, bike riding, scootering..........
  7. I am too old: there is exercise for everyone.  You may not want to join the gym but what about walking, gardening, lawn bowls or Pilates (we have a few people in their 90’s doing Pilates with us)
  8. I am not good enough: I hear this so often – but you have to start somewhere.  We offer personalised programs from the most basic to the most advanced so there is a program for everyone no matter what your condition.

It is time to establish your health as a priority, drop the excuses and make exercise a non-negotiable in your life for your own well being, you’ll be glad you did!