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Mothers Day

  As Mother's day approaches we have taken time to reflect on the influences that our Mothers have had on us. All the Staff  have been interviewed and here are their responses;   Melissa What I love most about being a mother: My children bring me back to the moment and wake up my imagination: Whether it is finding shapes in clouds, watching a rainbow or chasing butterflies. I love the morning cuddles and good night squeeze tight snuggles and all the surprises like little love notes or hand made presents on my pillow, they are unconditional love!! Matt Favourite thing to do with your mother? "Meeting somewhere random in Australia or the world and enjoying the sights and sounds together - Portugal, Argentina, Peru, Canada Name an impressive moment by your Mother; "Flying to Peru by herself and hiking the Inca trail" How would you describe your Mother in 3 words ? "Worlds best Mum" Favourite story from Childhood, "When we were little, headed  off on a camping trip. After a few hours on the road, I had become disturbed enough to let Mum know that we were definitely being followed by someone (it happened to be our trailer!)" Another Mum to remember "Mother Teresa" inca_trail_tout (1) Kai  

What are the most Important thing (or things) your Mother taught you ?
"Mum always tried to teach me to have good manners and be polite, I think that was a pretty important lesson and something that I've tried to take on board." What is your favourite activity to do with your mother? "My favourite activity to do with my Mum is to go on road trips together. When I was growing up my Mum always drove me to all my sporting events and we used to spend hours and hours in the car together. We'd chat, eat lollies, listen to music and just enjoy each other's company."
 Shannon A
The most Important thing (or things) my Mother taught me...
"#1, how to lounge and the beach"
What it means to be a mother..
"To be a Mama is to be a best friend that helps guide the way with advice from life experiences"
What is your favourite tradition with your mother?
"Every holiday we take a day together to go scuba diving"
Favourite activity to do with your Mother  (Going to reuse the one from before)...scuba diving!
What is your Mum's favorite story about you as a Child?
"She was convinced I would be an IT genius, from the moment computers came out I would do all of her work and fix each problem without even a thought"
Who are some other important women in my life to recognise on Mother's Day?
"My best pal Susan, she's my 69 yo friend who has guided me over the years since I've moved overseas. I call her my Yogi Mama"
The most Important thing (or things) my Mother taught me... would be to respect others ..and to put the toilet seat down!
What is your favourite tradition and favourite activity to do with your Mum?We like to sit down and drink tea..
How would I describe my Mum in 3 words ... More words required than 3!
What is your Mum's favorite story about you as a Child? When I ate the contents of one of Mum's pot plants, then accidentally dropped it on Dad's head as he slept - I was not the favourite son that day!
Who are some other important women in my life to recognise on Mother's Day? My wife of course! Mum and Helen, Carly and Lavinia!
What are the most important things your mother taught you ? "To respect our planet Earth and to value yourself."
What is your favourite tradition with your mother?"My favourite traditions with my Mum would have to be evening beach walks and every year on our (my siblings and I) Birthdays Mum brings out our baby album and we reflect and laugh at how little we all looked and relive those moments together."
What is your favourite tradition with your mother? "My favourite activity to do with my Mother would have to be Yoga."
How would you describe your Mother in 3 words ? "Three words to describe my mum: Loving, Caring, Powerful"
What is your mum's favorite story about you as a Child? "One of my Mum's favourite stories of me as a child would have to be when I was about 8 months old and Mum and Dad took me to the Great Barrier Reef and in a yellow submarine, and when I saw all the fish I just wouldn't stop laughing. Mum said they amused me so much that I was constantly giggling, and soon many other passengers in the submarine were giggling too."
Who are some other important women in my life to recognise on Mother's Day?
"Other import women to recognise on Mothers day would have to be my Gorgeous Grandma and Grannie, my Mumma friends and of course I like to also recognise and pay my respect to Mother Earth who supports us from day one as well. May we all learn to love our Mother Earth like we do our own Mother."