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What is degenerative disc disease


What is degenerative disc disease


Degenerative disc disease is commonly seen in lower back and neck CT’s and MRI’s. It is a radiological term used for explaining anatomical changes in a disc rather then a pathology. Having this in mind when degenerative disc disease is coupled with pain it is most commonly due to issues with surrounding structures e.g. weakness and/or stiffness. Having degenerative disc disease does not always mean that it is causing pain output. Weaknesses of surrounding structures can lead to shear, compressive or tensile forces which make the more vulnerable discs stress.


The protocols to then treat a painful back with a history of degenerative discs is to make sure surrounding structures are strong and supple. This will take away the forces on the vulnerable discs. It does not mean though that those discs will heal it only means a better managed pain state. These discs will always be structurally vulnerable due to their lifetime of stressors.


Do not wrap yourself in bubble wrap to avoid this natural wearing of discs as it will most likely happen quicker.  Be aware of remaining constantly active throughout your lifetime and treat your body with the respect it deserves.


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