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Sleep Awareness

Regular sleep is essential. Sleep is just as important as food and water but unfortunately most of us don’t get enough sleep. Sleep is when our body rests and revitalises. It is when healing and growth occur. A good night’s sleep allows us to look and function at our best. Many important bodily functions occur when you are asleep: regulating hormones, stimulating the immune system, detoxification, tissue repair, reducing inflammation. Aim for 8+ hours / night Chronic sleep deprivation, even just losing 1 hour per night can wreak havoc on your body. Many people have poor sleep patterns:  we often struggle to wake up, have an afternoon slump and then sometimes we are wide awake when we need to be going to sleep.  Some of us have the misfortune of suffering insomnia.   The stress of modern life is often the cause, not enough hours in the day to get everything done, our cortisol levels are continuously high affecting our bodies adrenal glands and making the problem worse.  It is a vicious cycle that you need to break A.S.A.P. Improve your circadian rhythms by having the same sleeping pattern every day (even on the week-ends), this will help your internal clock re-set itself.