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Neck Pain


What Causes neck pain?

  • Poor posture: Ligaments become overstretched, muscles become tired and joints and nerves are put under strain.  Slouching your shoulders with your head forward, sleeping in awkward positions, or working with your head down for long periods can all cause neck pain.
  • Stress: Increases tension in the muscles.
  • Arthritis: degeneration in the joints of the neck.
  • Injuries from motor vehicle accidents, sport or occupational accidents commonly lead to whiplash where the head is thrown forward or backward.

How to prevent neck pain

  • Posture: Think tall, lift your chest, relax your shoulders, tuck your chin in and keep your head level.  Remember the posture around your pelvis is important too.
  • Sleeping: A down or molded pillow is usually best. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.
  • Relaxation: Learn to recognize when you are tense, relax your shoulders, avoid clenching your jaw, and take a few deep breaths.
  • Heat: A heat pack on your neck will help to alleviate muscle spasm.
  • Work: Avoid holding your neck in one position for long periods. Stretch and change position frequently, even if it is just a few shoulder rolls.
  • Exercise: Keep your neck joints and muscles flexible and strong by performing the exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist as part of your daily routine.