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Whether you are getting back into running after a long break, determined to better your PB at the next half marathon or are fed up with recurring injuries, our Performance Running Coaching program is for you. Although all of us run, very few of us run correctly or efficiently. Running is an extremely complex motion. Unfortunately previous injuries and postural adaptations from too much time sitting behind a desk lead to technical flaws in running that slow you down and set you up for injury.

We can help turn these technical flaws into strengths that will change the way you run forever. This will not only make you run faster but also make it more enjoyable as you will have a feeling of enhanced efficiency and fluidity. Best of all it only takes 6-8 sessions.

The process

We take videos from behind and the side and go through a 20 point checklist of key running components. The Physio will then sit down and go over the videos with you and explain all the flaws in your running technique.

You then come into the clinic for 8 sessions of running coaching where we take you through a set of running drills and exercises designed to iron out the technical flaws in your running. The Physio provides constant feedback and input during the sessions. Before and after videos are given so you can see your progress.

Who is it for?

Our Performance Running Coaching is appropriate for runners of all ages and abilities. We have worked with teenage runners to those in their seventies.

It is particularly great for those runners out there who have an injury or have a history of injury and have a running goal in mind. Most injuries are due to technical running flaws. Simply treating the injury is not enough, the technical flaws must be addressed for long term success. You will be amazed at what the video analysis shows up and just how easy it is to address these flaws.

Conversely our Performance Running Coaching is great for injury free runners, footballers, hockey plays or anyone involved in a running based sport that wants to improve their speed and efficiency.