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Remedial massage and its effects on Hormonal/Endocrine health

Remedial massage and its effects on Hormonal/Endocrine health


Many people can comprehend the benefit remedial massage has on muscular, circulatory, lymphatic and fascial (connective tissue) systems of the body, but not everyone realises the advantages massage has on the endocrine system – which is the hormonal system of the body. Researchers have established a direct link between positive touch and a healthy functioning endocrine system.



Massage therapy can have a positive affect on the hormone regulation of adrenaline. Massage encourages the correct amount of adrenaline to be secreted at the correct time.  Adrenaline prompts alertness and the immediate flight or fight response which is vital for our health and safety. However people today hardly experience the same extreme physical threats of early human species. Today most people produce adrenaline in response to stress at home and work. However this is a problem as stress can continue over long periods of time, causing the person to remain in an adrenaline state of high alert. This causes too much adrenaline stored in the body, which isn’t healthy and can cause premature aging, risks of heart attacks, and conditions like attention deficit disorder. Adrenaline regulation through massage is great for people who are stressed, have trouble sleeping, have mental health issues or high blood pressure.



Massage therapy can elevate dopamine levels within the body. Dopamine is a hormone that supports fine motor activities; it encourages inspiration, excitement, feelings of joy and the brains reward and pleasure centres. An elevation of dopamine is really good for people who are quickly distracted, have poor focus and feel a lack of enthusiasm.



Positive touch like massage increases the availability of serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that helps regulate your emotions, and boost your mood. It assists with irritability and supports with food cravings. Increased serotonin is good for people who suffer from depression, mood swings, cravings or have trouble sleeping.



Massage therapy also helps produce the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin. Oxytocin is known as the love hormone because it is increased in the body when hugging, or kissing another. It is essential for reproductive functions, supporting feelings of attachment during sex, childbirth, pregnancy and lactation. It also has physical and psychological regulations in influencing social behaviour and relationship bonding. It also influences feelings of trust and reduces the stress response feeling of anxiety. Increased secretion of oxytocin is beneficial for people who experience depression, postnatal-depression, anxiety, or couples who need support bonding.



Massage therapy can help with correct regulation of cortisol within the body. Cortisol is released at times of stress or danger, and can reduce inflammation. It is essential to have correct amounts of cortisol for human health, and you can have issues if your adrenal glands release too much or too little. Cortisol regulation through massage is good for people suffering from anxiety, high blood pressure and stress.


Massage encourages hormones to be secreted at the right time, and in the right doses, enabling the endocrine /hormonal system to function healthily and preventing many health conditions. Let massage therapy help with your hormone regulation, so to encourage your overall health and wellbeing.


Rosie Rayner

Dip RM

Ad Dip STT

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