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How regularly should I get a Remedial Massage?

How regularly should I get a Remedial Massage?

The frequency in which one should get a Remedial massage will depend on a few factors. Such as if their pain or postural issue is a long standing chronic condition, or a new acute injury. Also, lifestyle factors will vary depending on the individual, and this will affect how regularly remedial massage would be recommended.

A new Injury (acute):
A new injury or pain presentation can usually be treated within a few treatment sessions, with each treatment session being 3-7 days apart for most effective results. It’s good to get a few sessions in consecutively.

Long-standing conditions (chronic):
Whereas a long-standing condition will usually entail a series of treatments to return the area back to balance and normal functioning. This is because chronic conditions have had a longer time to set in a dysfunctional way and therefore need a longer time to correct. Also, chronic pain often has a few areas involved due to compensation patterns, so the resolving on pain in one area may lead to the next compensating area involved.
With long-standing conditions, a number of weekly massages are recommended for best results, which can gradually be spaced out in frequency until a maintenance stage is reached.

Maintenance Massage:
Ideally, a maintenance remedial massage should be performed regularly. Maintenance massage is usually recommended on monthly basis, or at times quarterly (so around four massages per year), depending on the individual. This is to promote mobility, strength, improved muscle function, and to stop conditions from becoming painful and problematic.
To put things in perspective, most people service their car every year, what about your body? Do you service that regularly? It’s your most important vehicle!

Individual factors and Lifestyle factors:
However, everyone’s an individual so their needs will be a little different depending on their lifestyle, but it’s safe to say that regular remedial massages work best. Lifestyle factors like jobs that involve repetitive movements, or an individual’s sport and recreational activities all play a part in how regularly they’ll require remedial massage. For example, someone who plays competitive sport might need more regular remedial massages so that they can perform at their best. Factors such as age and health status also play a role on how frequent remedial massage would be recommended.

For advice on what’s best for your body’s needs, ask your remedial massage therapist today how regularly you should have a massage to function optimally.

Rosie Rayner
Dip RMT Ad Dip SST

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