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Healthy Activities for kids in the holidays

With the growing incidence of obesity in our children and concerns about excessive use of technology and the damage that may be causing, we are often at a loss of what to do with the kids in the holidays.

Here is a list of activities that will get them moving, thinking and enjoying!

  • Nature art: gather up flowers, sticks, nuts, seeds – anything they can find and make a creation, a collage or you can get fancy and give them a blank canvas or some string to make some dream catchers or art for their wall
  • Colouring in: there are so many colouring books on the market, download sheets of the internet or better still a blank piece of paper and let their imaginations flow.
  • Make a cubby house: use boxes or a table / tree and sheets
  • Baking: cupcakes are always a hit
  • Put on their favourite music and have a dance off
  • Make an obstacle course (inside or out): cushions, ropes, boxes they can jump over, weave around or crawl through.
  • Make ice blocks with fruit and yogurt
  • Make orange juice
  • Dress ups and theatrical productions (‘plays’)
  • But a notebook and get the kids to make a holiday diary
  • Write a letter to a friend or grandparent
  • Make a kite
  • Have a picnic
  • Plant a herb garden / vegetable garden
  • Blow bubbles
  • Press flowers or leaves
  • Make a robot out of boxes
  • Cut out pictures from old newspapers and magazines and make a collage
  • Make a photo book
  • Visit the library
  • Swim in the creek / ocean
  • Collect shells or stones on the beach
  • Make a sandcastle
  • Go for a bushwalk
  • Explore the rocky headlands
  • Visit a playground
  • Climb a tree
  • Look for butterflies or bees in the garden
  • Go fishing
  • Search for 4 leaf clovers
  • Go for a bike ride or scooter
  • Make a nature hunt
  • Look at the clouds and discover shapes
  • Star gaze
  • Play board games
  • Do a puzzle
  • Run under the sprinkler
  • Go camping in the backyard
  • Visit a farm

So next time you hear the dreaded: “I’m bored” you can have a look over the list and hopefully find something for even the fussiest child.



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