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Fathers Day Blog

As Father’s day approaches we have taken time to reflect on the influences that our Father’s have had on us.

Dan,Matt, Joel and Kai have been interviewed,  below are their responses:

Dan and Ollie B& W


The 3 things you love about being a father;

1. Being able to watch your children grow and develop into their own personalities

2. It gives you the privilege of being able to see the world again through a child’s eyes. Kids teach us to see the beauty in little day to day things that often we forgot to notice in our busy lives

3. I also love being able to share things that I love with my children. I get more joy out of seeing them catch a great wave or make it to the top of a mountain hike than I would if I was doing it myself



The most Important things my father taught me…

How to drive, swim, tumble turn in the ocean and how to not catch any fish

What it would mean to be a father..

Being a father  (especially for the first born) would undoubtedly be the highlight of a man’s life

What is your favourite tradition with my Father?

Growing up it was the New Year’s Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Favourite activity to do with my Father

Favourite activity is to be out in the ocean with Dad watching him negotiate the waves on his standup paddle board

What is your Dad’s favorite story about you as a Child?

Favourite story would be about how I was running and jumping out of the cot by the age of about one. .

Who are some other important Men in my life to recognise on
Father’s Day?

Fred Hollows / My Granddad



The most Important things my father taught me…


If things don’t make you happy don’t do them

Go with the flow

What is your favourite tradition with your Father?

Surfing and going to Farmers market in Bellingen

Favourite activity to do with your Father ?

Surfing and laughing with him as he goes over the falls

How would you describe your Father in 3 words

Classic Aussie Larrikin

 What is your Dad’s favorite story about you as a Child?

Hiding behind his leg because I was shy

Who are some other important Men you would like to recognise on
Father’s Day?

Huey ~ God of waves

Poseidon ~  God of water




The most Important thing (or things) my father taught me…
The most important thing my Dad has taught me is just to always try my best, try your hardest, don’t worry about the outcome or results, just do your best.

Dad has always had the best advice for me when I have needed it the most. Whenever I am really struggling and whenever I have faced my biggest challenges in life. Whether it was playing sport when I was younger or going through exams at University or just when it comes to big life and work decisions, Dad has always had the best advice and helped me to focus on take on any challenge the best I can.

Favourite activity to do with your Father

Favourite activity would probably be surfing or kite surfing with my Dad. Dad taught me to surf and kite surf and it is always awesome going out and enjoying those activities with him.


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