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Why exercise when you have Type 2 Diabetes


Exercise can reduce progression and side effects of type 2 diabetes by:

• Improving glycaemic (blood glucose) control
• Increasing insulin sensitivity for up to 72 hours post exercise
• Resistance exercise increases muscle mass which becomes glucose storage space
• Weight loss
• Decreasing blood pressure
• Improving self confidence
• Improving cardiac function
• Decreasing depression
• Improving muscle strength, flexibility and balance

Type of exercise

• Incidental exercise: walking to work, taking the stairs etc
• Low to moderate intensity: walking, exercise bike, swimming, water aerobics etc

How much exercise
• 30 min to 1 hour of low to moderate intensity exercise daily (i.e.- you are still able to hold a conversation but may be a little breathless). Minimum amount of exercise should be 150 min / week (3×30) at 50-70% of maximum heart rate.
• Avoid resting for more than 2 days in a row
• 8-10 resistance exercises exercising all the major muscle groups should be performed twice a week.

Your Physiotherapist will recommend a personalized program for you to start with and progress every month or as needed.

Do not exercise if you are unwell,


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