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I liken doing a Pilates session with rebooting a computer. It clears out all the “junk” and gets the right muscles firing properly.

If I do a class in the morning I feel more upright and ‘switched on’, when I do Pilates in the evening I’m set up for a good nights sleep.

Dan and Ollie


Without a doubt helping people to achieve their goals.

Seeing people transform themselves following an injury so that eventually they are stronger and moving better than pre injury. This is the ultimate goal and gives the most satisfaction as a Physio.

If someone tells me that they feel better than what they did pre injury or they are able to do something that they haven’t been able to do in a long time then I know I have done a good job.


We are always striving to improve ourselves clinically and professionally. I want to stay at the cutting edge of Physio and movement analysis, which means you never get stale in your job.






 Zoodles with prawns and pesto


Hopefully get a wave or two in the morning myself and then head to the beach with the family to take the kids for a surf!

 dan and fam


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