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Birthday Blog – Kai

Why do you love Pilates? 

Pilates for me, is the most important and effective form of exercise you can do. It’s the only form of exercise I’ve ever done that feels like every single repetition you do is doing you good. Pilates helped me to become active again after 3 years of not being able to run due to back pain and I’ve seen it help so many other people with injuries to be pain free and achieve their goals. I love the challenge of Pilates and the dynamic nature of the exercise, there are so many ways to push yourself and improve your fitness, strength and core stability.

What is the best thing about being a Physiotherapist?

The best thing about being a Physiotherapist is being able to help people in need and have a positive impact on someone’s life. It’s awesome to be able to help people understand what is causing their pain and particularly when someone has that light bulb moment when they understand exactly what is going on with their body. It’s also great to be able to meet a wide range of people and to help people achieve their goals.

Why work at Pottsville and Cabarita Physio?

Pottsville and Cabarita physio is a great place to work, full of like-minded people all striving to do their best for their clients and help people on their journey from pain to performance. There are some really great, experienced physios who are fantastic to learn from as well as a great work environment that encourages personal development and excellence. It’s such a supportive and positive atmosphere and really enjoyable to be a part of.

Best relaxation tip

Best relaxation tip would be to find something that takes your mind off everything and allows you to relax and unwind and to incorporate it into your daily routine. It may be something simple as reading a book or watching a movie, anything that averts your attention and enables you to escape and relax. Exercise would be my other big suggestion. Running always helps me to relieve stress and eliminate my anxiety. You might not want to push yourself to go for a run or go do some Pilates at the end of a big day, but you’ll always feel much better after having done it. I think that having that surge of activity and pushing yourself to exercise always enables you to relax much more afterwards.

Best lifestyle tip

Find your own form of personal expression. I think It’s important to invest your time and energy into things that allow you to express your feelings and passions and who you are as a person. It can be as simple as practising a sport or hobby, or planting a garden but I think its great to have a creative outlet or something to channel your energy into in a positive way. I also think it’s extremely important to have a consistent exercise routine. I think the importance of exercise is still underrated, and its critical to exercise every day and you’ll feel much better for doing it, and will be much healthier and happier in the long run.

Favourite activity

For me, I love to surf. It’s been something I’ve done my whole life since I was a little kid. I’ve always loved the challenge and unpredictable nature of surfing, there are so many variables and every session and wave is different to the next. There’s nothing that can come close to the exhilaration and adrenaline felt when you pull into a big barrel, or land a trick you’ve been trying for ages, or just do a really big turn. It can be frustrating at times but I love the challenge and will always be drawn back to the ocean and the anticipation of the next wave.

Favourite Recipe

Something sweet for sure. I’ve got a very big sweet tooth and love a spot of baking. Favourite recipe would have to be gooey chocolate brownies with raspberry sorbet. Not great for the waistline, but so, so good.

A typical Sunday

A typical Sunday would involve a nice long sleep in, followed by a big breakfast whilst catching up with the news of the day. Then I’ll head out for a surf and hopefully spend most of the day bobbing around in the ocean getting some waves. I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon cooking up something for dinner and then might enjoy a sneaky glass of white wine while I watch some TV or a movie. Not the most exciting routine, but a nice way to finish the week and get ready for the week ahead.


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