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11 Lifestyle changes you need to make to CURE your HEADACHE

• Correct your posture: think tall all the time, avoid sitting and holding your head up with your hands.

• Consider your ergonomics especially your computer set up and how you use your digital devices.  In particular, avoid a forward chin position and sustained head and neck rotation.

• Learn to breathe properly: gentle breathing in and out through the nose with movement occurring at the solar plexus not in the shoulder region.  Breathing should be silent and invisible. You should feel the sides of your chest wall expanding as you breathe in, not your shoulders rising or your belly expanding.

• Manage your stress levels, you may need to start a meditation practice.  There are many great apps (e.g.- head space, smiling mind etc) to help you get started.  This is particularly important if you clench or grind your teeth.

• Get adequate sleep.  Aim to sleep with your head in a neutral position not rotated or side flexed. Aim for an absolute minimum of 8 hours every night.

• Eat clean food: avoid processed food, excess alcohol and coffee.  Eat plenty of vegetables!

• Drink a lot of water (at least 33ml per kg of body weight / day) add an extra 250ml for every caffeinated drink (such as coffee) you have.

• Avoid carrying anything other than a very light bag on your shoulder

• Avoid extending the head / looking up for long periods

• Watch the position of your head while exercising – ensure you maintain a neutral head position, (i.e. – not look up or around).

• Do not over do it when exercising particularly when using your arms and upper body.

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